The Torch Singer

Artist: John Prine
Album: Diamonds in the Rough
Year: 1972

The night club was burning 
         D              G
From the torch singer's song
        C         G            D
And the sweat was flooding her eyes
The catwalk squeaked
C                     G
Neath the bartender's feet
        G             D        G        
And the smoke was too heavy to rise

    C                       G
She sang of the love that I left her
           C          G            D
And of the woman that she'll never be
        G                        C
Made me feel like the buck and a quarter
       D                     G  C
That I paid em to listen and see
  D                     G    C   D 
I paid em to listen and see

  G                C
I was born down in Kansas
           D       G
'Neath the October sky
         C              G        D
Work the day shift from seven to three
        G                C G
And the only relief that I receive
   G         D      G
Is nearer my God to Thee

    C                        G
She constantly throws me off timing
          C             G         D
Leaves me standing both naked and bare
         G                    C
Makes me feel like the Sunday funnies
      D                         G   C
After everything's gone off the air
D                         G    C   D
Everything's gone off the air

  G                  C
I picked through the ashes
       D              G
Of the torch singer's song
      C          G       D
And I ordered my money a round
For whiskey and pain
C              G
Both taste the same
G          D            G
During the time they go down

(Repeat chorus)

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