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    Some Details About Coronavirus

    Covid-19 is a Highly infectious disease spreading at a very large rate across the world. This disease is caused by a virus train, and it started spreading in December 2019. It’s has become a major and serious issue since health experts know very little about this respiratory virus. This can cause severe illness which might also cause pneumonia and ultimately passing.

    It is to be noted that till today Covid-19 has Already crossed the loss brought on by SARS-CoV-2 which induced 8000 individuals to fall sick and about 800 deaths. Therefore this new outbreak is overly serious and difficult to handle.

    Symptoms and Hazards

    In Such outbreaks, it’s extremely important to be aware of the symptoms of the disease to assess the situation for an individual level. Hence awareness is necessary before it gets too late, since this disease can prove fatal. Therefore the Significant symptoms of COVID-19 include the next –

    Fever and Flu

    Dry Infection

    Difficulty in breathing/ shortening of breaths

    Tiredness and fatigue

    Additional Symptoms may include-


    Running nose

    Sore throat

    Complications May result in

    Pneumonia in both lungs

    Organ failure



    This Is the theory which generally followed by the introverts, but today during this period of time, there’s an urgent impulse to the situation which all of us become introverts and follow this concept. It’s the idea of distancing out of our societal life which is we just have to bypass parties, events and any sort of social gathering. We ought to avoid meeting our friends and family members who are from different places or towns. Least is the meetings less is the contact and the spread also decreases.

    The Judgment:

    Although The disease is highly contagious the death rate is low which signifies an infected Person has nearly 97% likelihood of recovering and living than being dead. So In spite it is dispersing, the damage can be minimized.

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