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    Currently many people are walking on acting slightly crazy. Specifically in cities, folks have become very disconnected in the earth and nature generally speaking. I’m sure you’ve heard the term, "Energy flows where attention goes." Well the major problem everyone has in the modern world is because they are ‘stuck within their head.’ Constant mind chatter. Contemplating what they are going to consume next. Bothering with every part. It’s all regulated head stuff…

    Getting back together talking to bodies are an extremely healthy course of action. With the ‘psychic pollution’ bombarding us everyday, it’s wise to train grounding exercises that ‘keep you firmly in the grass.’

    One of several easiest exercises you’ll be able to practice is to simply take note of you. Notice the things they seem like at at any time. Attempt to hold your attention there for 90 seconds. There’s a basis for this. It is often found that mental performance hemispheres will normalize in case you target an integral part of your body for around 90 seconds. You are going to become free of left-brained stress and anxiety!

    So practice achieving this at regular intervals throughout the day.

    A more advanced and worthwhile practice are visualising your root chakra grounding in to the earths core. This Shamanic practice is known about for thousands of years and I’m sure many moons ago we had arrived all considerably more sorted and harmonious energetically.

    The foundation chakra is situated with the bottom of the spine. It is the first energy centre within your body and pertains to the physical energies. Traditionally this chakra is definitely associated with the colour red. There’s various esotric reasonings just for this. However I such as the actuality that red is the lowest frequency inside the visible light spectrum.

    Now what for you to do to ground your energies to the earth is practice the following visualisation:

    Shamanic Grounding Practice

    1. Imagine your root chakra emanating warm red light energy. This comes straight out from the base of the spine and genital region down into the core of the earth; with a red energy centre.

    2. Hold your attention on this energy. Red energy flowing out of your root chakra into the earth’s core. It is possible to sense the earths energy flowing up to your root chakra within an energy exchange.

    * Personally I enjoy feel the energy as being a pink quartz colour simply because this provides me with much more of a loving energy feeling through the earth. Test to get the things good for you.

    OK, so if you are a new comer to this you might want to practice it once or twice when you have some tranquility. When you can get a sense the main chakra connecting in the earth’s energies, it’s time to take action on an outing. Go for a walk and employ connecting into the earth’s core. Switch that red energy on and ground down into our planet. Take action in numerous settings so you have got true flexibility Along with the capacity to get grounded as you desire!

    Taking it Further…

    When you experience it down, you’ve empowered yourself which has a really great tool. Even though you’re flanked by the insane worker bees in rush hour at the train station, you will be able to keep calm plus control. You can then take this by finding out how to emanate love to these poor ungrounded sods.

    This can be done by flowing the force up out of your root chakra for your heart and emanating it outwards in a aura passion. It is best to first practice this inside a medititive setting since it takes some practice to obtain the concentration required to make this happen well.

    In like manner clarify… First get grounded; flow the love energy up from your core of the planet. Send this around your heart chakra after which imagine sending this red/pink loving energy from your heart in all directions 360 degrees. Your heart energy is extremely powerful. Imaginable spreading that energy throughout the globe.

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