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    If you are looking for a high quality, preservative-free body wash and lotion at an affordable price, Dead Sea Salt Mud Soap is for you. Made from Dead Sea salts which is produced by sea water, this refreshing product is ideal for all skin types.

    Created by Salts Worldwide, the Dead Sea Salt Mud Soap is an excellent choice for those who want to protect their skin and keep it hydrated. This bath bar has a pleasant scent that will allow you to relax and enjoy the time you spend in the bath. With its non-greasy texture, it is easy to apply, but not overdoing it can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated.

    At Salts Worldwide, we make every effort to offer the best quality products to our customers. Soaps, aftershaves, facial scrubs and shower gels are just some of the many varieties of products we offer. However, Dead Sea Salt Mud Soap is one of the best selling products we have created.

    Dead Sea Salt Mud Soap is made with a combination of natural botanicals. There are many botanicals that are included in this product to enhance the moisturizing properties and to improve the overall appearance of the skin. They are known for their natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties that fight free radicals. Free radicals are important to healthy skin because they can damage the outer layer of the skin while leaving the skin’s own cells untouched.

    Natural minerals are also important to Salts Worldwide. These natural minerals provide anti-inflammatory properties to keep the skin from becoming inflamed. It also offers the skin the natural pH balance needed to prevent the formation of acne and other skin related skin problems.

    At Salts Worldwide, we have spent a lot of time and research to make sure that the Dead Sea Salt Mud Soap is free from chemicals that are found in many products. Sea Salt: What Is It Good For? is a byproduct of the natural sea water and is safe to use.

    Dead Sea salt mud soap comes in a range of scents. The scent will stay with you for as long as you use it. Whether you choose the traditional fragrance, the herbal one or a blend of both, you will find that your skin will benefit greatly from the freshness and relaxation of the Dead Sea salt mud soap.

    The use of natural ingredients has become more popular and you can now find products that use natural products in the bath and other personal care products you use daily. We encourage you to use products that contain natural ingredients when caring for your skin.

    We believe that "Natural"Organic" are two words that mean the same thing and this is the exact philosophy that is practiced at Salts Worldwide. We do not use the word "organic" when referring to our products because there is no such thing as "organic".

    What is Dead Sea Salt? say "organic", we refer to a product that has been grown organically and without pesticides, fertilizers or chemical fertilizers. That would include Dead Sea Salt Mud Soap.

    You can feel confident that the Dead Sea salt mud soap you buy from Salts Worldwide is completely organic. You will have no concerns about the chemicals used in the manufacturing process and our products are safe for your skin.

    Now that Dead Sea Salt Benefits know the benefits of using Dead Sea salt mud soap, you can choose to use it yourself or order it in bulk to create a bath bar or other bath products you can add to your family bath supplies list. Give it a try and you will find that Dead Sea mud is very relaxing and soothing on your skin.