Forestville Opener and MWMF

We traveled south to Forestville State Park for fishing opener. Jack, Naomi, and myself cruised down and hoped to get some fishing in, even though we assumed it would be busy. Opening weekend in SEMN can be really busy, but we did a whole bunch of driving around and sight seeing and exploring. We made it a great weekend. I don't have many pics from this weekend, but I can give you the run down. We arrived Friday evening after getting all of our supplies and food stuffs ready. We drove in to Forestville historic downtown and looked at the water there. It looked nice and we figured that on that side of the bridge would be a solid place to camp as we didn't really feel like we needed to stay in the park. It was just the two of us and Jack so, it was low key. We fished a little that evening and had a fire, stayed up to watch some stars and turned in hoping for a full day of fishing Saturday. Saturday we woke up, got on the river pretty early, but others had already beat us to the spots. We fished a little bit, just down stream from the bridge, but decided to go back to camp and have some coffee and get moving to a new spot. We drove into Lanesboro and went to the dam. There were a bunch of people fishing. We stopped and chatted a bit with some older guys who had some nice rainbows. They caught them using bread. Bread. We continued on. We stopped at the baseball fields in town and fished under the bridge for a while. I think this is where I lost my net. No fish. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. We continued to Duschee Creek, but it was just packed as well. At this point we figured we'd just cruise around and check out some more spots. We took some beautiful drives around the area. We went to Gribben and checked out the Old Mill. Cruised down Slab Valley Road. We went to the old spot on Diamond Creek. There were about five or six campers there so we turned around. We decided to cruise up to Rushford and see what kind of fishing we could find up there. We stopped at this small farm and found some easement and hung out, fished, had lunch and just enjoyed the beautiful day. Jack took off across the river chasing something and we couldn't coax him back across. He was kind of being a little bastard, but he was loving life. After this, we cruised back to Lanesboro. From there, took a scenic route back to Preston, we checked out a few other spots along the way, and eventually ended up back at the original campsite. We hiked into the woods a bit and came upon this gorgeous spot with a really wide, deep pool where two branches meet. I fished this pool for a while and eventually caught a small brown on a spinner. I'd love to go back to this spot. I'm sure there's more fish in there. We hiked back to camp and made some brats just in time for the rain. We slept really well that night with the on and off rain and thunder. The next day, Sunday, we decided to go to this crossing on the Root where we had passed earlier. We hiked up stream a bunch and eventually came to a point where the bluffs came right down to the creek. It was just beautiful. Naomi was having fun practicing her cast and learning about nymphing. She's such a good sport. Never complains, never get frustrated, just rolls with it. Great fishing buddy.  I ended up catching one on a stonefly, but threw it back immediately. It was a fun little brown, but it was too small to keep. Overall, it was a great weekend of exploring and conversing. We found a bunch of new spots and even managed to catch a couple trout. The weather worked out, the crowds didn't bother us. We just enjoyed our time doing what we love.
The next weekend was great as well. A bunch of us went down to Winona for the Mid-West Music Festival. We camped in this private campground right on the Mississippi River. It was chill. We fished two of the days.

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