Bitter Pill

Here’s a song I recorded today. I just got my new harmonica brace and ableton set up on my laptop. It’s mostly just me practicing my blowing, sucking, and strumming, but it was fun and I thought I’d share. I’m getting my new bedroom dialed in and may record some more stuff and possibly do … [Read more…]

The Torch Singer

    Artist: John Prine Album: Diamonds in the Rough Year: 1972 C The night club was burning D G From the torch singer’s song C G D And the sweat was flooding her eyes G The catwalk squeaked C G Neath the bartender’s feet G D G And the smoke was too heavy to … [Read more…]

How Lucky

Capo 4th fret – Intro is the same chords as verse C F Today I walked down the street I use to wander C G Yeah, shook my head and made myself a bet C F There was all these things that I don’t think I remember C G C Hey, How lucky can one … [Read more…]

Music of Mine

Here are some of the songs I’ve made. If you like them, feel free to tell me. I like that. Golden Age – Beck Aw Heck – John Prine Belief Dillazzz Louie Beat Builder beat001   Older Music:

New Additions

Hip Hop/Rap Turntable Scientifics by Mr. Dibbs#StayInTheLoop by Floyd The LocsmifThorns by Aesop Rock (Feat. Eyedea & Slug)California Sessions Volume 2 (unreleased 2003) by Moka OnlyBon Appetit by Action BronsonLost In Translation by Pharoahe MonchEarl Sweatshirt by Earl SweatshirtFolarin by WaleA.W.O.L 2.0 by AZ x Phil GektorLone Sharks (Deluxe) by The Doppelgangaz Rock/Punk/Indie/Other Sister Chance … [Read more…]


Here are some of my favorite bands that I either know, or I have found on bandcamp. This is music that is near and dear to me. Please post your favorites in the comments. Tony Phantom x Andre Biggz – Lake Effect by Tony Phantom Three Theories by Squares Midwestern Post-Sarcastic by A Paper Cup … [Read more…]

Sermon’s Domain – Kendrick Lamar

Original Post from Sermon’s Domain Review: Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp A Butterfly posted on: March 24, 2015 tags: Kendrick Lamar It’s safe to say Kendrick Lamar did not take the obvious route on his sophomore major. He released GKMC two-and-a-half years ago to explosive acclaim, but never flooded the market with guest verses. The … [Read more…]